Vertical Blind Vanes Slats Stems Out Of Order Adjustment Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows how to fix vertical blinds vanes slats out of line.

Alright, Today I’ve got a nice easy one for you.
Got some blind vanes slats stems out of step here.
All you have got to do is grasp this and turn it.
If you can’t get a good handle on it what you can do is pop the slat out.
Than use a pair of pliers to turn it. Here I got two more.
Usually I find I can get it but I will show you how to do it with the pliers here on this one. Lift up on the back tab. By usually using the thumb and grab it with a pair of pliers. Pop it over.
Now I can reset the slat and test it out. Check for our full rotation.
Beautiful. And we are all set there. Good to go.

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