Vertical Blind Vanes Won’t Rotate Video

One of the first things to check for when troubleshooting vertical blinds that won’t rotate.

Here is a set of blinds that won’t turn here.
Try to turn and nothing is turning. It is possible that these are just turned the wrong way.

Let me show you a quick way to go through and change these. These just a little push in the right spot. A tiny push at the top left corner of each one so that it rotates out here. Than we can check and possibly just someone turned these the wrong way.

This will be a fairly easy fix if that’s the case. And just going right along here OK and now this side I am not so sure that is the halfway point. The way these work is a little bit different so. OK it looks like those do need to be flipped also. So now I just have got to flip the other side there.

These blinds could use some cleaning to. Oh my goodness. It might be time for a new set just on that note alone. Anyway if you wanted to know how to fix it. Let’s see if that does the trick here. Yay. Blinds all fixed.

That window could use some cleaning to. At least the blinds work now. We’re all set there.

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