Vertical Blinds Stems Or Slats Out Of Step Video Repair

Kung Fu Maintenance shows you how to adjust an out of step blind slat on an old corded and chained blind head rail. The same principle applies to wanded vertical blind headrails. Nice and gentle is the way to make this repair. If you try to make it happen too fast you will wind up needing to replace the whole head rail or make some time consuming repairs. Slow and easy wins this race.

OK. This an old style blind set. We got a cord no wand and all but anyway I got one blind out of step here. You can see right here.

Sometimes you can just grab these and twist these over. Sometimes it’s a little bit tougher. What I am gonna do is take the blind slat off and than grab it with my pliers and try to pop it over. What we don’t want it to do is crack the frame here because these particular kinds are pretty tough to change out so we just nice and gently. Hopefully, wow, it looks like it popped over too much. There we go. Right there. That’s where we want it.

OK, see if this works now. Put our blind slat back in and check for rotation. All fixed.

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