Vitamins Plus Supplements You Should Consider Taking Every Day

Welcome back to the Kung Fu Maintenance Blog! There is so much that hinges on our health that I am setting this particular page post as the lead for the Kung Fu Maintenance Blog. Welcome Friends! I trust these discourses will serve you well!

In my opinion there are definitely certain vitamins and supplements that will give you the most bang for your buck and contribute the most to your health, stamina, and vitality. I will put links on this page to some examples of the products I am writing of and in the video speaking of. I make a small commission on anything ordered through the links. The above video also explains some of these points plus a few more practical tips.

First off you want a good multivitamin. However you do not want just any multivitamin. What you want is one that is sourced from the wholesome foods, fruits, vegetables, herbs etc… Preferably organic ingredients items that have not been doused and or dipped in pesticides.

I really like this multivitamin for men
and this one for women which I explain more in the video.

The Texas Superfood products I also really like even though they are a bit more spendy.

Following a good multi-vitamin the next paramount supplement in my opinion is CQ10. CQ10 is normally produced in the body but after a certain age body production begins to dwindle and therefore the benefits of a supplement. Ubiquinol is one of the better forms of CQ10. I am just sharing my heated opinions here not cold hard facts so further research on your part is recommended.

The next supplement I believe you will see the most benefits from is a good Omega-3. There are many types of Omega 3 but the two most common forms come from olive extracts or fish oil extracts. Both types have their pros and cons and this is a huge area of study. With fish oils you want to avoid any with much mercury contents. This is a huge area of study in itself. I personally try to alternate between these two sources of Omega 3 to get the benefits of both. Omega 3 is like a lubricant for your body. Keeps everything oiled properly. Less friction equals less pain all around. I am oversimplifying things a bit here for sure. I hope to go into this subject in more depth in the future.

Next in importance on me Kung Fu Maintenance list is magnesium. Magnesium is a relatively inexpensive mineral that affects so much in your body!! Bone strength, heart rhythm, blood pressure, inflammation and much much more. Again this is a huge area of study.I hope to delve into these different areas a bit more in the future as there is so much there. Often people who drink too much alcohol do not have enough magnesium. Many who take medications for ailments such as cancer, Chron’s disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and other conditions, lack beneficial amounts of magnesium.

The next several supplements I think are highly beneficial as well just a little more complicated to take as explained in the video but very helpful to your overall vitality so do check them out as well. Super Bio Curcumin (fights arthritis and other inflammation) , Niacin, Resveratrol, and Vitamin B-12 (for energy and nervous system health)! I look forward to covering these subjects much more in the future!!

I hope to make the overall quality of your life better and save you much headache, money, and time plus help you gain some nice ground through every post, page, and article, and combination of words here in the KFM Blog! Thanks for watching and supporting Kung Fu Maintenance!!!