Washer Dryer Combos

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Have you seen these wash and dry combos? Toss in dirty clothes shut the door, turn it on, and when it’s finished you have clean dry clothes. No need to changeover from wash to dry.

Pretty cool, eh?

Some pros about these washer/dryer combos follow.

• Easier on clothing as it does not have an agitator (big honking plastic post in the center of the washer) that pushes your clothes around, wearing them out prematurely.
• Most are front loaders. Front loaders generally use less detergent and less water to get results.
• Many are easier on the environment and energy star approved.
• Many have self dispensing detergent dispensers so you don’t have to measure in detergent every time. Just reload the dispenser once in a while.
• Many use standard voltage electrical outlets so you don’t have to do expensive or extensive rewiring.
• Many do not require complex venting setups.
• Uses less space. One cyborg instead of two.

Seems too good, a plug and play device that washes and dries in one loading. According to reviews there does seem to be some drawbacks.

Some of the cons of these washer/dryer combos follow

• Hard to find someone who can fix them, when, and if they breakdown.
• Considerably longer wash and dry times. It usually has a smaller capacity which can slow down production on the never ending story called laundry.
• Larger families may need more than one of these to make it work out well for them.

If I could design an apartment complex I would put one of these in each bedroom closet. It’s no longer just a clothes hamper, it’s a washer dryer combo. Set the timer so it finishes in the morning and the clothes are nice and warm. Now you’re ready for action.

~~~combo style~~~
~~~~~~~Kung Fu Maintenance~~~~~~~~~~~

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