Washer Dryer Leaves Marks On Clothes Repair Video

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Kung Fu Maintenance video show the remedy for clothes washer washing machine dryer laundry center leaving marks stains smudges on clothing items.

OK. Every once in awhile you get a washer dryer that is leaving marks on the clothes. I wanted to show you what is going on there also how you can clear it up.

What is going on there is if the dryer is too full the clothes will rub against this gasket here. What you can do is take a clean rag.

What I find works really good is these clean up wipes. These type of wipes and put that in there and rub it along the gasket and you will see it. See it coming off on the rag there. Anyway that is what is getting into the clothes. It just takes really getting in there and cleaning it up real good because it’s just some nasty stuff over time. There’s really no way to completely prevent that. You can actually replace that gasket but again the easiest way is just to clean it all up. Just take some time with it and keep going along and rubbing it.

A couple different wipes, a couple different rags. Show you with a towel here. If your clothes are going along the back and they just happen to brush against that it is pretty easy to start getting some marks especially on like a whit T shirt. Part of it is gonna be minimized by doing smaller loads of clothes in the dryer. There is no way to keep it out completely but that will minimize it and that way the clothes aren’t pressing right up against. Because if you got a super full load and they’re pressing right up against there all it takes is a small touch. Cleaning this out once in awhile will minimize it. So that is what I am doing here. That is how to get it done. Good to go.

Yeah so once you are all done cleaning it up with the chemical make sure you use a dry rag and go around and clean it really good with that dry rag to rub, wipe off the rest of it. Anyway doing this every month or maybe every other month will just minimize that. There may not be a way of making it completely, completely perfect but just doing the smaller loads and cleaning this once in awhile will minimize it. That’ll keep everything cleaning how it’s supposed to.



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