Washing Machine Stinks DIY Repair Video


Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to get rid of washing machine stinks smells and odors.

If your washing machine is getting a funky smell. You wash your clothes and you get this sour smell. Usually what happens. If it’s not in your water. If you feel the water and smell the water when you are first filling it. Than it is not your water. It’ actually in the bin itself.

Washing Machine Stinks

What happens sometimes is if you forget to put the wash and the clothes right away. Maybe four hours. The clothes sit wet in the washer and go south. Go mildewy. So in order to get rid of that smell. That smell will linger in the bin and also maybe the next couple of loads you do you are still going to get that smell.

Getting Rid Of Washing Machine Stinks

Going to get that sour smell. What you want to do is run the machine empty with a heavy load of bleach. Now if it’s really stubborn you will want to stop it once it is filled. Add about half a gallon of bleach to the water and stop it once the water has filled and than that way it can just sit there and neutralize the odors. So this one I am going to go ahead and fill it.

Now right here as the water fills this is where you will want to kind of smell the water and this one is just fine. There is no smell from the water. There is kind of a funky smell in the basin so I am just going to nuke it with bleach. Going to add about half a gallon of bleach to the mix. And we’ll just let that sit and neutralize the parts. Once that water fills and starts to agitate a little bit. Then I will go ahead and turn the machine off and let it sit for two hours or so. That way we get rid of the smells. Ninety Nine percent of the time that gets rid of the foul odors in the machine.

Neutralize it, run it through, and than you are ready to wash again. Like normal. Also sometimes if the machine sits empty it can happen. There is always some water left in the machine and if it sat empty for a long period of time it can develop a funky smell. But it”s not the water itself it’s actually just the machine needs to be cleaned out and this is a good way to do it.

There are also some products you can use for cleaning it out. I find bleach works good. Some people have sensitivities to bleach and can’t use bleach so for them they may want to use one of those specialized products. We can see this foaming up real good. Smells nice and clean so once it fills again I am just going to go ahead and pull my deal up top here or push it in to stop it. And then I will just let it sit and do it’s thing. That will make it good to go. Nice and clean again.

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