Water Pressure Low Repair Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows restoring low sink shower water pressure back to good after major underground plumbing leak repair.

Water Pressure Low Repair Video

Alright. Had a huge plumbing leak. Major nightmare major fun with the old torchy torch underground but wanted to show you afterwards. I went and changed the aerators and let me show you why. See inside the aerator. What happens is sometimes soil from the line gets into these aerators and than just clogs everything up. You can see all the soil just blocking it. These particular aerators are 1.5 gallon per minute. So they already have you know a pretty low flow and all that sand in there just blocking it off restricted the flow quite a bit. So a good idea after a major plumbing repair if you suspect there is sand in the line. It’s a good idea to change out all the aerators and also to check inside the shower head screen. So that’s what I did.

I was able to clean out the shower head screen. You can actually clean out these aerators also but they are cheap enough. It is probably better to just replace them. But anyway with the shower heads I just was able to clean them out. Take them apart and clean out the screens and clean out at the flow restrictor. I have got shower heads with a wand so. So on the shower head I will show you on this side. This is where the flow restrictor is. You can clean this out and than where this attaches to the neck. That little screen there. You can pull that out and clean that out. That makes everything run nice and smooth. Much better water pressure. Not like that. Good to go.

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