Weight Loss For Laundry Center Washer Dryer Moving Video

Kung Fu Maintenance shows weight loss to make moving laundry center washer dryer washing machine upstairs easier.

Weight Loss For Laundry Center Washer Dryer Moving

OK. So Today I am going to be moving a washer and dryer upstairs. One way you can make these a lot easier or a lot lighter is to take out all the water. Inside this hose here all this water is trapped and the same with inside the hose that comes from the drain line. So we have actually got quite a bit of weight right here just in this hose line. So one way to make this a lot easier is use a good old wet dry vacuum and just pull all that water out of there. Could be maybe a gallon of water and that is just adding a bunch of unnecessary weight. So vacuuming this out will just make it easier to go up the stairs. Again that will just take a lot of the weight out because a lot of the weight is just in all that extra water that was in there and now the machine will be a lot lighter to move around. Good to go. Yep for sure it’s a messy messy job. That’s what it is but at least this makes it a little bit lighter.

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