When Ants Attack ~ How To Make Ants Retreat


Here is a quick attack back technique when you need to stem the tide of attacking ants to make a repair. This strategy works well for making a repair in a situation where there are ants and a repair needs to happen before pest control or other final methods of wiping out the hoard can be employed.

I have been bitten a few times as you can see in my photos here. On this particular occasion I was bitten by black ants. The little raised red swellings and itching took awhile to go away. The feeling stretched further then the bite itself.  I could feel a tingling sensation in my skin and blood stream around the bite for the three to five days it took to heal.


Have you ever been bitten by ants?

Ants are pretty unique bugs, man do they work hard. They are dedicated and dependent on their community. Have you ever seen a trail of ants following each other on the ground and swiped your finger on the ground across the path and watched the followers wander around blindly? Ants follow each other thru pheromones which is similar to a sense of smell. Your finger swipe leaves its own pheromones and disorients the ants trail. Ants don’t depend on vision to follow each other across the field. They depend on the pheromone trail.

I suppose that is enough of the entomology lesson so on with the technique. Just spray the area and vicinity you need to make the repair in with window cleaner (a little dish soap mixed with water most times works also). Wait five minutes or whatever it takes (there are I imagine some more defiant species so by all means re-spray as needed) and make your repair. Most window cleaners will have a melting and dissolving affect on the ants and will melt or eat thru their exoskeletons. The buggers won’t like that and will scatter for cover. This also works great as a temporary block. They don’t like it so much that creating a barrier with window cleaner will often keep them away for several days.

Due to the adverse affects of pesticides (Life forms die). Most states and governments require people to obtain special licenses to spray pesticides in someone else’s dwelling or temporary quarters. Most states and governments require you to have the necessary pesticide license for the particular pesticides obtained thru proper training and testing. Window cleaner is a great way to let people either temporarily treat their own place or for service individuals to temporarily block a nasty situation until more permanent pest control can be arranged.

This app works great for sprinkler repairs or installs. It also works great for changing ground lights whether fixtures or bulbs (of course turn off the breaker first). It is much preferred then using a pesticide because you won’t have to get pesticides all over your hands before breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You score bonus points if you bring a rag so you can clean the light lens cover while you’re there.

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