Window Air Conditioner No Gauge Charge Test Video

Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how you can test window air conditioner units for proper freon charge without hooking up gauges.

Window Air Conditioner No Gauge Charge Test

Here is testing for fifteen to twenty degree split. This is on just a little mini air conditioner. You can see we have got seventy seven going in and than coming out we’ve got sixty two.

So that’s a fifteen degree split. Also this one is kind of not fair cause the air is actually hitting the face of the little tool here so what we can do is take it a little bit lower. We’re getting eight two, eighty one, seventy eight, seventy nine. And than taking it up top where our air is we are getting sixty two, sixty one, and we are dropping. So we are definitely showing our fifteen to twenty degree split at an in going register and an out going register.

This is a good test. Especially on a split system. But it actually works to show the difference on these also. Good to go.

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